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Interview with young sommelier, Jessica Green

As a young wine region, New York’s vineyards and wineries are not only producing great wines, but a new generation of winemakers, sommeliers, and passionate representatives as well. Jessica Green is a Long Island native who began her career in the industry on the North Fork, and soon pursued an education to become a sommelier.  She has a certification with the Sommelier Society of America, and is pursuing the Court of Masters on Level Two.   Her passion and knowledge of the industry allows her to successfully manage the beverage program, including education courses, service, and list creation, at Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas in Westbury. Here’s what Jessica has to say about her role in the wine world, and New York as a budding region.

image101How did you get your start in the wine industry?

I started working in the wine industry in 2007 at Diliberto Winery  in Jamesport. That was my first harvest and bottling season on the North Fork.

What varietal do you think grows best on the North Fork? 

Cabernet Franc really stands out on the North Fork. The earthiness and body of most Cabernet Francs in the region are unique and drink really well. It’s something the wineries out here do well.

Do you have any favorite wineries in New York? 

Diliberto Winery is one of my favorites because it has stayed true to the rustic non-manipulated style of winemaking. I also think Lieb is doing an awesome job as they are giving more options across the board with varietals and styles of winemaking.

What inspired you to pursue your career as a sommelier? 

My inspiration to pursue a career as a sommelier is fueled by my love and passion for not only the culture of wine, but my passion to educate others as much as I can. It’s an industry that continues to grow and evolve. It’s exciting to be a part of that.

What changes do you see coming to New York as a wine region? 

I see lots of growth coming to New York as a wine region. This generation of millennials working at the wineries has so much curiosity, interest, and passion about the wine world. It’s great to see, and I definitely feel New York as a region is on the rise.


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